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Thank you for trusting Roadrunner with your Supply needs. We are endlessly grateful for your Business! This past year has given all of us many challenges and we have been able to set many milestones. We will continue to serve for your success and we are very thankful for your loyalty.

We wish you, your business, and most importantly your family a Happy Thanksgiving!!


From November 1st through March 1st,  our Office Hours are:
Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm

*** We will be Closed November 25th and the 26th***

Product Availability

While we do have material coming in, the loads are less predictable and have longer lead times than we all would prefer. For this reason we are unable to hold material unless we have a Purchase order to commit the material to. We suggest if you are looking for a certain series or color that has an extended lead time, get a Purchase order to our office so we can lock down a back order for you. 


By now it is no secret that most IR Shingles won’t be available for a few months. While we work on getting StormMaster, WeatherGuard, & ArmorShield in stock we recommend exploring the IKO Nordic color selection.  We have most common colors in stock or they are available to us within a few weeks. Let us know how we can help you close your next IR Shingle Job!

Vendor Spotlight

How Important Is A Radiant Barrier? 

Do home owners ever question the importance of a radiant barrier? It’s easy to run through the stats although LP has done a great job with the above clip showing installation and uses for their TechShield. 

This video is also a great reference that shows the effectiveness of Radiant Barrier Decking. 

Keep your mind out of the Gutter!

How many feet of gutter do you see per year? 

How would your Home Owner respond when you tell them that you can protect their gutters from back ups and debris, and help them avoid repairs and time consuming maintenance? 

All of these assurances are possible with very little effort on your part when you use the new, easy to install, Gutter Protection System from Premier!  

Premier Gutter Cover LLC is the culmination of the efforts of many Individuals with the same vision. We set out to create and distribute the most Effective, Affordable and Attractive Gutter protection possible.
Ask for gutter cover samples on your next order too see how easy to install this protection system really is!


 Davinci and Tilcor products can Boost your rebate during the 4th quarter!! 

 You will earn a $250 rebate from October through December on any purchase over 50 squares. 
Call 817-633-9188 for more details! 

Special Thanks to our Vendors and NTRCA!!

We were excited to host several training sessions in October. These trainings were held by the Dallas Chapter NWIR,TILCOR, our newest vendor Castagra, and our friends over at the NTRCA. We are always happy to help you or your crew discover and develop new tools for your trade.

Check out our Facebook for future training events!

*Updated Payment Processing Information*

Roadrunner Roofing Supply has eliminated our lockbox payment method. We offer a few other ways to pay, choosing what works best for you.

1. (our most popular) Take a picture of your completed check along with a remittance and Text or Email it to our accounting department

2. Mail your check to our physical address.

Roadrunner Roofing Supply

1900 Timberlake Dr.

Arlington, TX 76010

3. ACH from your bank account to ours. Send an email to for our ach form.

4. Create an account with Melio and pay by ACH or a credit card. – See how this works with your QuickBooks.

Please, do not hesitate to ask your salesperson or call the office with any questions you may have. We are hoping for a smooth and successful transition and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Helpful Reminders

To ensure the best service possible, we will need all information that is pertinent to the Deliveries;

  • Gate Codes
  • Preferred drop Locations
  • Areas to keep away from
  • Phone Numbers for site coordinators. 
  • Remind the Home Owners of the delivery day and to make parking arrangements to allow adequate space for the material and our equipment. 

We want to ensure the home owners and our drivers know what to expect without any delays or surprises. 

As always, We are happy to offer Saturday Deliveries every week to best serve for your success.

Let us know how we can help

Mystery Gift - Soapy Soap Company
As a special appreciation for our customers, each month we have been drawing a prize at random from Customers who placed orders. We usually draw a company name out of a hat and send a special “mystery gift”. Qualifying contractors can be existing customers, walk-ins, or new account setups that have purchased during the previous month. This is our way of saying “Thank you” and to show appreciation from our staff.

This month the winning Customer is Toucan Roofing LLC !

They will receive Masterbuilt Charcoal Barrel Smoker.

Thank you Toucan for choosing Roadrunner Roofing Supply!

Each month will be a different gift.

“Serving for Your Success

Hours of Operation:
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Deliveries every Monday-Saturday
No Delivery charge for Afternoon deliveries!

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